Dolphin Feeding

The highlight of any stay is the opportunity to interact closely with nature. Each evening the Tangalooma Dolphins eagerly swim up to the beach, adjacent to the well-lit jetty, where they are hand fed fresh fish by the Marine biologists, their staff and resort guests. Whether you are feeding the Dolphins or simply watching from the jetty stadium, the experience is unforgettable. 

Wild Dolphin Feeding is included as part of your hotel accommodation package at Tangalooma.

Dolphin feeding is suitable for all ages, should children require assistance you may carry them in to the water or our staff are happy to assist.

Once you arrive at Tangalooma Resort please visit the Marine Research and Education Centre to register or participate in the many different activities they provide to guests. If you are participating in the Dolphin feeding, please be down at the jetty by the scheduled feed time or you may be unable to participate. Be sure to remember your Dolphin feeding experience and purchase your photos from the Tangalooma Photoshop.

Hand Dolphin Feeding Tangalooma Moreton Island

*Please note: The Dolphin Feeding Program operates on strict guidelines so restrictions on feeding apply. The number of guests able to feed the dolphins will depend on weather, tidal conditions and dolphin attendance, although generally all resort house guests are able to participate in the feeding program.

Dolphin feeding experience is dependant on dolphin attendance (the dolphins are wild, therefore arrival is not guaranteed, however we experience a 98% attendance rate), tides and weather conditions.